Net connection dropping:2 comps on router to dhcp

I am attempting to connect two computers to the dhcp network, which inturn connects to the net, in my apt complex via a linksys router. When the network detects a new mac addy connected to a port it sends the user to a registration site, when they attempt to access a website, which you must complete before being granted access to the internet.

I can get both computers on the internet, but the connection keeps dropping after like 5 minutes.. seems to me the lease to the router keeps expiring because all I have to do to get it working again is "save settings" in the router settings telling it to obtain ip automatically or save the static ip info.

to make this more clear, this is what I have done so far.

1) registered both computers with seperate ips, set both the router and both computers to obtain ip automatically. connection drops after 5 min.

2) set router to static ip using the info (ip/gateway/subnet/dns servers) for one of the registered computers. connect drops after 5 min.

3) unregistered both computers. reregistered one of them to get an ip. set this ip and gateway etc as static ip in the router settings, then cloned the mac for the computer I used for the registration. connection drops after 5 min.

I have also tried variations of these 3. nothing works. I am wondering if this sounds like a hardware problem on my end? I am unable to talk to the tech support guy until Jun 8th so I'm stuck trouble shooting until then..

oh yea, both comps work fine when connected to the network alone.
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  1. There are two things that I think it might be. One is a setting for "Idle timeout" or something similar sounding. Set this one to 0 or never (if that is an option). Secondly, and the most probable is that the lease time is set to low and that your security settings prohibit a proper renewal. Either set your lease time to a long time, or infinite, or relax your security settings.

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