Ok so I am about to go home for break and since my desktop has all my music files (up to date with all my recent files) and my laptop has the same music but not updated I decided to delete all my music from my laptop and transfer the files from my desktop over wireless. I have my desktop music folder shared over the network and could access it, so I copied and pasted over the network. All of a sudden, the folders all moved but the files inside them disappeared from both my desktop and laptop. So it copied all the folders except none of the files copied over... they just disappeared!!! now i don't have any music. I tried to restore the recycle bin, and undo whatever possible and I got maybe 10% of my music files back... how does this make any sense... it doesn't to me.. hope one of you can shed some light on my grave situation. I had around 15-20 GB of music and it all vanished in under 1 minute!
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  1. Suddenly some files are appeared on my laptop and I am getting the majority of my music back but it doesn't show anything being copied or transferred which is weird... what is up with this spontaneous combustion!!?!? lol. the actual files on my desktop are not returning so does that mean I cut and pasted them? and not copied. I didn't know I could delete files wirelessly when I set the files to read-only when sharing. They were definitely files on my desktop because I could play music when my laptop was off and not connected to the network.

    but as I am copying back a fraction of these folders.. it says it will take an estimated 1-2 hours (transferring at 2mB/s)... how can I lose all those files so fast and now take an eternity to get them back.. doesn't make any sense
  2. half the folders I am copying back are still empty.

    but it seems like 7gB of the estimated 18gb are intact. :( very depressing still nonetheless
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