Something is up with my system, and I need help

I have a gtx 295 running in an overclocked core i7 system on a monitor at 2560x1600 and I am get between 70 and 90 fps in call of duty world at war multiplayer but for some reason I am only getting half that framerate (45) in single player. Why is this? I have the game updated to the latest patch (1.5) and I have the latest drivers (190.38) running on windows 7 64bit. I have messed around with the nvidia control settings, checked all my cables, and even have the card overclocked and it seems to be running about 10 degrees hotter than it used to. It would be in the high 60s to low 70s when i ran at 1920x1200 and now it is in the low 80s to mid 80s with fan set to 85%. What gives? Has there been any issues with the newest patch or nvidia drivers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. It isn't a power issue. I have a cooler master 1250w real power with 144 amps!
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  1. Is the game or the control panel set to vertical sync on?
  2. Your game may be changing the video settings slightly when you go multiplayer.

    My advice is to use VSYNC. Change the quality settings so your frame rate is just above 60Hz (or if CRT, it's refresh rate).

    You shouldn't be running a game higher than your refresh rate. If your monitor is 60Hz it can only display 60FPS so why generate 80+FPS? It only wastes heat and allows screen tearing.

    I also noticed that with really high resolutions Anti-Aliasing wasn't even needed so play around with your settings.

    Again, with a system like yours you test with VSYNC OFF, and set your quality settings so you get just above 60FPS 90% of the time then turn VSYNC ON.

    (I know Windows 7 and Vista have had issues with VSync and haven't tested to see if the latest drivers have it working. Some older games need it FORCED and may need a third party application. I have an ATI card and the tool is "ATI Traytools" I don't know the NVidia card.
  3. Thanks for the response but I know it isn't a vsync issue at all. Whether I have it on or off the game stutters and remains around 45 fps. I have settings all maxed out and I get the mulitplayer to give me around 75 to 80fps. I only turned vsync off for multiplayer to make sure that sli was working and that my card wasn't defective. I even ran the new resident evil 5 benchmark and with everything maxed out at 2650x1600 with 4x anti aliasing I'm averaging 92 fps. I know now that it isn't a hardware issue but somehow the game is not using both gpus while in single player.

    I'm starting to think it is the game which I had to reinstall because I originally couldn't get the multiplayer to work with the new 1.5 patch. This performance issue has all started with the new 1.5 patch of the game.

    Has anybody had any sort of performance problem since they installed the patch?
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