Asus gtx 260 sli overheating problem

ummmmm. ive recently been bsoding again...... and i think its due to the gpu overheating after a couple hours of use.
last time it did it was when i was playing just overlord 2. i was like WTF?. ummmmm oh yeah i also put in a new cpu the ( q9650 @ 3ghz ) so maybe that could be a problem.
have no idea... if anyone has answers it would be greatly appreciated. thanx
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  1. Try EVGA Precision, manually set your GPU fan to 90% before your 3D game. If that doesn't resolve your heat problem, then the heat problem might be your airflow in your case.
  2. It could be your case ambient cooling. Keep the side of the case open while gaming and see if it continues to blue screen.
  3. Try just running one card and see what happens.
  4. It possible its not a graphic card problem usually when the card heats up the drivers stop responding, but if the memory is bad on the card that could cause it to bsod. What are your gpu temps on idle and load? Cpu temp? Try 1 memory stick at a time its possible a stick went bad.
  5. i had the same problem. some time ago, i ordered 2 evga 8600gts, id put them in an sli and after a few minutes the computer would freeze. id open the case to see one being really hot, and one cool. i took out the defective one and the single gpu worked fine. maybe its just your gpu thats defective?

    try just running the computer with the bare minimums, 1 stick of ram , 1 gpu...
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