Mini-ITX build need help with Graphics and Power Supply


looking to build a Mini-ITX PC for the livingroom. This would be used to watch/listen to media from my NAS and play the likes of WoW and COD:WaW. Other uses would inlcude some video editing.

I am smitten on the Antec Mini Skeleton, so here are list of the components on my list so far:

Antec Mini Skeleton 90 Mini-ITX Enclosure - 150mm Top Fan
Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi Socket 775 DDR2 onboard VGA DVI HDMI ITX Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz 1333FSB Socket 775 L2 4MB cache OEM Processor
Crucial 4GB Memory
Western Digital 320GB 2.5"

Here are some potential issues I have identified, I only have a 90w PSU to play with. The case can only takes a half height PCI Express card.

The onbaord graphics apparantly are pretty average when running the likes of COD 4 at 800 x 600, but like I said I am looking to run World at War at a higher res.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

here is the case well its a chasis :kaola: :

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  1. Don't get an Nvidia chipset board, and 90W doesn't even cover the processor.

    You aren't going to game on an Atom processor, which is really what this is designed for. Get the larger one and a better PSU.
  2. I second that. The processor uses 95W by itself.

    Can you get a better PSU?
  3. Looks like the motherboard has a standard 24 pin power connector.
    Not sure about the placement of the PSU in the Antec Mini Skeleton.
  4. You could get a 8400GS low profile with a standard power supply. Not the best, but it will work. Change the bracket and use the low profile bracket.
  5. Here is ome information about for factors and connectors:

    Power Supplies Types/Form Factors
  6. According to my calculations, you need a power supply with 14 amps on the 12v rails with an 8400GS video card.
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