Does this backup solution make sense? Overwhelmed with info.

I have a 1.5TB external drive that I want to backup. It contains no system files, just pics, movies, music, etc.

I was thinking of getting a D-Link DNS-323 with 2x2TB drives using RAID 1 for redundancy plus a 2TB external just to backup and keep the drive elsewhere. Using Acronis TrueImage or the like to automate the backups.

Does this make sense or am I way off base here? Please send me in the right direction.
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  1. Acronis TrueImage is nice, but if you only need to backup files and no OS or applications, you could also look into free backup solutions. You could also copy all files to the external drive on a regular basis, but using scheduled backups is easier.
  2. good call. The dns 323 is cheap and slow but perfect for this. You probably don't even need to buy acronis as there is likely a scheduler on the 323 interface.

    Another good way to go (rather than raid 1) is the buy and external drive bay. And a couple of 2tb drives. Just use windows backup or.. my personal favourite... c:\copy *.* d: (that way it doesn't make one huge file which needs to be opened to find what's in there)

    Do this once in a while on one 2tb drive, then install the other and let it run again. Now you have a 'mirror' but the drives are not joined at the hip. Also, they are not tied to any proprietary device.
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