RAM for my Nvidia Nforce 780i SLI board

I want to upgrade my memory....what's the best and most RAM I can go with?
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  1. Errr please be more specific about what your motherboard is.
  2. I'm trying to find the same... for the Nvidia NForce 780i SLI model motherboard. The pdf I found online is a little confusing... it shows 2 models of Corsair memory... but shows slots 0, 2 as the only ones supported... Others are listed- but doesn't say which slots are supported...so not sure what that means. But it should allow 8 gb... and I have the twin2x4096-8500c5 g (2, 2gb pack) Corsair memory already... so any suggestions on more ram to upgrade it with?

    Specific models would be helpful and appreciated!

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I know this is an older motherboard... but its pretty fast and other than some issues with a possible virus that is swallowing my memory its seems to work pretty good.

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