I7 temp: LGA1156 vs LGA1366?

How does the LGA1156 i7 temp compared to that of the LGA1366? If 1156 runs cooler, does it run as cool as C2Q and C2D?
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  1. andy5174,

    From Intel's Processor Spec Finder - http://processorfinder.intel.com/Default.aspx

    All i7 9xx variants:

    Vcore Max 1.375
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 68c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 73c

    All i7 8xx variants:

    Vcore Max 1.400
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 73c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 78c

    All i5 7xx variants:

    Vcore Max 1.400
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 73c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 78c

    All C2Q 9xxx / 8xxx variants:

    Vcore Max 1.3625
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 71c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 76c

    All C2Q 6xxx G0 variants:
    Vcore Max 1.500
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 71c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 76c

    It would be inappropriate to compare Quads (apples) to Duos (oranges). Also, the Thermal Specification shown in Intel's Processor Spec Finder is Tcase Max (CPU) not Tjunction (Core), which is a very common misconception among most enthusiasts. Since there's a 5c gradient between the CPU sensor and the Core sensors, (shown in the following Intel document) - http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0709/0709.1861.pdf - just add 5c to the value shown in the Spec Finder to determine the corresponding Core temperature.

    I Hope this answers your questions,

    Comp :sol:
  2. @CompuTronix:
    Those are the temp tolerance(the higher, the better) instead of their temps if I am not mistaken.
  3. The values I posted are according to Intel's Thermal Specifications. Perhaps you have something else in mind?

    If you're asking for actual temperatures, then you'll get 101 different apples-to-oranges answers, with different coolers, at different Vcore settings, at different ambient temperatures, at different clock speeds, with different cases and airflow, at different fan speeds ... etc, etc, etc ... which will yield inconclusive results.

    All i7 variants, regardless of their socket, have HT, and when enabled, can add as much as 15c compared to other Quad Core variants. The bottom line is the better the overall cooling solutions, the lower the temperatures. That's about as close as I can quantify it for you.
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