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I just upgraded my nVidia 8600 GT to a ATI Radeon HD4890.

My in game graphics are now substantially better as you would assume.
However the maps now take a lot longer time to load, averaging about 40 seconds.
Also, when opening up the game I often get a black screen for a long time.

My loading times were much faster with my previous card. I have researched this a little and I think I've found that other people have had the same problem.
Ive also heard ATI closes any threads opened on their forums about this issue.

So yea, I'm really frustrated because I compromised to buy this card. I didn't want to wait for a GTX 275. Even though they perform pretty much the same on the charts I wish I stuck with nvidia and i wouldnt have this problem

Any help on the issue would be much appreciated.


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    hi tar yeah i have same problem too, no fix for it and there aint gona be one till they get the right drivers out, as its a known problem. be patient untill next drivers, they may fix this who knoes
  2. No problems here, I had dual 4870 X2s and now three 4890s and I do not have any problems with CoD:WaW, I play it every week.

    It might be conflicting drivers, download driver sweeper and new drivers for the graphics and motherboard. Uninstall your current drivers (motherboard too) and reboot into safe mode, once there run driver sweeper and clean out any remaining drivers files for graphics (nvidia then ATI) and the motherboard. Now install the new drivers starting with the motherboard.
  3. ^ yes, left over Nvidia drivers will wreck havoc on your ATI system. Regular uninstall doesn't clean out all the drivers either.

    Use driver sweeper to clean out deeply rooted drivers
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