Netgear /DG834Bv3 dsl modem/router

Just bought this product. I can't get it to work on my AT&T DSL here in Chicago. Any ideas?
Do I need to register the modem with AT&T?
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  1. Yes, at the minimum ATT will need to know the MAC address.
  2. O.K. - Get ready for purgatory. Att will NOT recognize any other brand of modem other than
    att brand and maybe some Motorola ones. The MAC number is not suffucient info. YOu need
    to go to the modem manufacturers website and set up a PPPOE connection using your att dsl
    user name and password - which is probably DIFFERENT than your att webmail user
    name and password. (for me user name is the same but tow diff. passwords. If you can't
    figure out how to do all this bull, return your non-att modem and go to an att store and buy
    an att modem from the dispicable att corporation for twice as much (probably).
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