Computer Lags, and glitches on a week old build. Help?

First off, here's my build that i got a bout a week back.

i7 960
Rampage III Extreme
DDR3 OCZ 6gb (3x2) 2000mhz RAM
OCZ Vertex2 160gb
1tb WD Caviar Black (sata3)
LG bluray burner
1tb external drive (WD
and im running Win7 pro at 64bit

some background:
i got all the parts from a shop, and they said theyd build it for me for free
so i let them
then when i brought my baby home, i turned it on, and it asked for a windows install disk because it couldnt find an OS on the system. after installation, i found out that there WAS actually it already installed but now its at windows.old
i was like meh
and installed all the drives for everything
but since then ive had over 7 crashes (that cant be good right?)
according to the .dmp logs, these are the things causing crashes


ive tried reinstalling drivers etc, but i still get crashes
and it lags (as in frame freezing in the middle of a Crysis game making you tear your hair of type of lag)
i mean a 6970 shouldnt lag on crysis =\

so ive come up with a brilliant idea
wipe the damn thing and restart
any ideas on how to do it? as i would like to ease EVERYTHING off my ssd, do i need to use like a linux boot disk or what?
can someone guide me through it?
any input welcome (unless its to bitch about my build. *** you, im happy with it)
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  1. Do you have a secondary PC that you can install the SSD in AHCI mode, as a secondary drive? If so, I would download the OCZ Toolbox and use thier secure erase tool (you'll have to delete the partition prior to the erase.
  2. this advice may be relevant to your situation as well.
  3. what is up with this site not letting the poster edit their own peply's? lol

    Was going to add this. The stickied ABC guide over there will direct you to the easiest methods to wipe the drive. Is called secure erase however you get there.
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