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Core Voltage

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October 7, 2009 11:24:50 AM

hi all. i have a few questions about core voltage.

first. how bad is it to have the core V more than the manufactureres guidelines?
im using CPU-Z for this information; (is CPU-Z a reliable source of information?)
i have a "venice" amd 64 3500+, according to AMD and cpu-world my processors core V should be 1.35 / 1.4
my core V (according to CPU-Z) is 1.502
which leads me to my second question;
does it matter it the core V is fluctuating?
my core V is skipping from 1.488 to 1.504 to 1.520 every several seconds (mainly showing 1.504 though)

as far as im aware, it is set to 1.5V (but this is out of range according to AMD and cpu-world)

thanks for any help

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Best solution

October 8, 2009 11:50:33 AM

If the CPU is running fine and not to hot, leave it as it is. The VCORE might be fluctuating due to work load. If you find your computer crashes or the CPU is hotter then what it is supposed to be, try setting the VCORE to manufacturer recommanded in the BIOS. (At your own risk... I woudn't go there if you are not familiar with bios settings, over clocking...)

Remember this : Don't fix what's not broken, don't break what you can't fix. If its working fine, leave it be ;) 
October 8, 2009 1:09:30 PM

thanks for the reply.
as for temperature it runs (depending on my room temp) steady between 39 and 41C. under full load the highest i've see it go is 51C. so i think its ok in that department. it rarly crashes, somtimes in games it freezes and he sounds loops for several seconds, but i think thats just because my computer isn't all that great anymore lol