Ssd I need to get my space back

Hello everyone.

I just upgraded my system...pretty much everything

Now my prob is that i did a clean install on my 90g
Ssd and when win7 is done installing

It says my ssd is 48.2 gigs free out of 83.7 gigs.

Win 7 at most is 11gigs.

Can anyone give me tips?
Thanks in advance...thing is driving me nuts
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  1. Here's a couple thing you can do:

    If you don't ever use hibernate, you can disable hibernation and get back drive space equal to the amount of RAM you have installed. You do this by opening a DOS prompt with administrator rights, and type "powercfg -h off" and hit enter.

    Another good place to clean up is the application temp folder. Enable hidden file view, then navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\ and delete all the temporary junk that applications have placed there.

    Did you perform a clean install? If you used upgrade media, there might be a "windows.old" file on the C drive that can be erased that will get you back quite a bit of space.

    That should give you a good start.
  2. hey hey.

    well at first i had ran it from an already running win 7 via poppin in the disk and runing a fresh install...

    when i was done, it had 10gigs free out of i deleted the windows old and left me with 40gigs free out of 87.

    knowing this couldnt be, i booted from dvd officiala win 7 disc...removed all partitions and left the full 87 gig on which is the SSD, then installed on that and im still getting the 40gigs free out of 87 ........


    i did what you reccomended and it freed up 16 gigs. but still stuck on 57.7 gigs ot of 87.7

    so thanks that made it a bit better...any other ideas?

    and again thanks.
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    1) Check your "System Restore" settings. I've seen them set for 100%, so it'll keep eating up your capacity. I would recommend disabling (if feel comfortable doing so) or setting it to 1%. This will free up space and keep space from being taken up.

    2) I would look at your "Page File" settings and see how much is being allocated to your drive. This can take up a lot of room, as well specially with a large amount of RAM install. You can either manual adjust to a lower %, disable all together (my recommendation but verify max RAM usage doesn't exceed your limits with head room) or move the "Page File" to a secondary drive / device.
  4. i combined some of your guys suggestions and got me to my goal 100% lol :pt1cable:

    annoying!!! lol

    so yeah as requested above, i took off the hibernation thing, and freed up 16gigs and then as someone else suggested on here, the page file, i lowered that to 800mb and no problem.

    another 16 gigs free and im good to go.

    ill do as said above and move it altogether to another drive. lord knows i have more than enough space and drives.

    thanks alot fellas.
    nice fast and correct help!!!! love this place lol :bounce:


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