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Should I be concerned about airflow with sound card in top slot?

For a build with these parts:

Asrock Z68
Megahalems Rev B.
Sound Card in top PCI-e x1 slot
2x SLI 570

Looking a google pics, the Megahalems may leave very, very little room between itself and the sound card.

I was already concerned about airflow between the top GPU and sound card, and now I think I may be making things worse by using such a large heatsink.

Its not a lock that I'll add a sound card at all, but I want the option open.

Should I just return the heatsink? I may even be able to just cancel the order, but maybe not.
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  1. we don't know which version of teh Z68 your getting, what soundcard your getting and if you'll have fans connected to the Megahelms.
  2. Right on all counts, of course. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. I apologize for the sloppy post.

    The mobo was Asrock Z68 Extreme4

    I say "was", because I RMA'd the board after taking a closer look its layout in reference pics. The Asrock CPU socket is significantly farther south on the board than on the Asus P8Z68-V, relative to the top PCI-e x1 slot, cramping the available space for heatsinks.

    So I ordered the Asus P8Z68-V (not Pro) instead. Maybe everything would fit with the Asrock, or maybe not, but extra space on the Asus is better.

    For the sound card fit, I intentionally left it at "very, very close", meaning that it would physically fit, but with next to zero clearance. But I have not chosen a card.

    I just want ask if adding a sound card into such system is considered a problem or not. Between the top GPU (of 2x SLI) and very close heat sink. Or am I just overthinking the issue?

    Oh and this will be in a HAF 922 case, selected primarily for cooling properties, cable management, and price.

    Thank you again.

    Edit: I also don't know which fans for the Megahalems yet, but would be 120x120x25 flowing horizontally, so should not be a factor.
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    :) good on ya bro.

    now you have an Asus P8Z68-V mobo and by the looks of it, the cooler won't have an issue if you mount the HSF to blow air/heat to the back of the case. i.e; horizontal airflow. So good call on swapping the mobo. I think asus boards are more DIY friendly.

    Sound card wise - I'd say unless your going to open a professional grade recording studio, then your money on ANY soundcard is a waste. Trust me when i say the 2004 days of onboard sound was dead when onboard cards got better, or should i say, when creative started puking out older tech hardware re-badging them as x-fi certified.

    So we can take the sound card off your to-buy-list. Airflow won't be affected as the soundcard is elliminated and...

    Or am I just overthinking the issue?
    no your not, like i mentioned a few lines before, your not going to need a soundcard but if it were a few years ago e.g: 2008 then yeah the heat would OBVIOUSLY get to your head.

    HAF 922?!?!?!! how much you paying for it now > or day have it bought?

    fans, you looking for quite, funky led'ed or performance?
  4. Thanks, man.

    Yeah, my last build was 2007 and the on board sound is very poor compared to the mid-range card I have. And it wasn't a cheap board either. So I'm very glad to hear that on board may have improved enough to make a dedicated card unnecessary.

    I'm not sure how to take your reaction to the HAF 922. It seemed a good case for the money ($100) and I've noticed a lot of people use one. But I haven't seen it in person yet. I am a bit concerned about component sound and dust management, but cooling is more important.

    For fans, its all about performance balanced with sound level. I couldn't care less about style. If I cared about style, I wouldn't have bought the HAF 922. But I would prefer like PWM fans.
  5. Quote:
    on board may have improved enough to make a dedicated card unnecessary
    far more than that bro!!! far more.

    if you can squeeze about $80ish then you can pick up a corsair 600T white special edition case - mind you its my personal recommend but with the HAF 922, you could get better...or have you been doing your research ?!

    If PWM fans then you can look at xigmatek fans, cool and stylish - some of them are available in white.

    You can get fans from scythe, noctua, noise blocker or from arctic cooling

    Noise blockers and Xigmatek being my first priorities. Enermax just came to mind - take a look at them and also read some reviews...
  6. That is a nice case. And has a rebate avail which brings it down to 125 vs. the 100 I paid for the HAF. Damn.

    But I'd have to do some fast talking with retailer to get the HAF returned without cost.

    Edit: Actually, based on cooling effectiveness alone, think I made the right choice.

    Thank you for the fan brand recommendations.
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  8. And Thank YOU for the vote, PM me if you need anything bro. Have a nice build.
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