No Post, just fans + no beeps


I'm attempting a new build for a friend. I'm getting no video output from the intergrated video and no beeps from the speaker.

I'm breadboarding the system with just the CPU, HS and speaker hooked up (I've also tried with a stick of RAM) When I short the pins for the PW switch the CPU fan comes on (and stays on) but I get no video and the speaker remains silent.

CPU: AMD X2 7750 Black
RAM: Kingston DDR2 800 1GB
PSU: Win Power 650W

I've also tried with an AMD X2 5600 but the exact same thing happens. I've checked the compatability info on Foxconns website and both the above CPUs are listed as ok. I've also tried the above hooked up to an AM2NF3 with a Radeon 7000 (same problem). All the parts are brand new except for the PSU which is mine and works perfectly in my system. I've cleared the CMOS, tried with and without the RAM, chanted ancient dirges, etc. I'm totally stuck, I thought it might have been an issue with the 7750 but I know the 5600 works and I'm still getting the same results, I also cant work out why I'm getting absolutely nothing from the speaker (I've tested it on another machine and it works)

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  1. This checklist has some additional troubleshooting ideas that might help:
  2. I've gone through the checklist and still nothing.
  3. Worked out what it was. The RAM wasn't compatible, cant understand why the speakers wasn't beeping though.
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