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Corsair H50 - Fan question

I currently have the H50 with two fans in a push/pull configuration drawing air from outside in. My temps are pretty good, 28/29 idle up to low 60s under load with an OC of 4.7Ghz with a i5 2500z. I was looking through YouTube at mod videos and came across one where a guy had a single radiator with a one push and two pull fan config. Will any addition of extra fans really make a big difference on a single radiator?
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  1. None, unless one of the fans wasn't good to begin with, then it's a waste to have the lesser quality fan on there to begin with. It's likely it's degrading the performance if the airflow is buffeting against another fan.
  2. +1 to rubix and me being a user of an H50, the only noticable temp drop you'll get if you add another fan with a fan shroud to it.

    Here's what i had before; intake outside case

    fan>shroud>rad>shroud>fan>case innards

    the guy who's vid you saw on youtube was probably a guy who had too much Tang to drink or he had his rig running infront of an open refrigerator. :)

    my 2 cents at least.
  3. Yea, I love the H50. I was looking at the H60/70 but didn't want to spend twice the money. I figured if the H50 wasn't getting the job done on my new machine OCed then I would use it on my other system and upgrade but so far not necessary.

    The vid I saw was something like what you stated. I believe it was: outside fan>case>rad>fan>shroud>fan>case innards. I'm pretty sure the two inside fans were separated with a shroud. I probably should have stated the config I saw. I have extra 120mm fans but not the caliber of what I have on the radiator. So if it would make a difference, then I would grab a better fan but if not then money spent elsewhere.
  4. ^ can you link me to the vid? the fan placement, through logic actually weighs itself as silly.

    unless your thinking of having the fans placed as i have stated in my earlier post

    fan>shroud>rad>shroud>fan>case innards
    , then any money you spend on fans (to keep adding to that rad) right now are a waste. Though you can have a high rpm fan blowing into rad(push) and have a low rpm fan sucking from the rad (pull). Mind you, only and only if you have it setup as i have.

    If we were to get into detail on this matter I'd just simply direct you to a link that already has over 2000pages to its if your willing, I'll link you to it and that'd get you going with some coffee.
  5. I just ran across the vid during a search on side panel modding. Just wasn't sure if an extra one would make any difference above the two I currently have. No worries. But new question based on your config, should I incorporate shrouds in my config? That's the difference between what I currently have and what you listed.
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    shrouds helps create a tunnel effect and get the air to some places that are termed as negative areas of pressure...or something like that, I bought the H50 over a year ago only to mod it :P and yeah i had a lot to read and read and read :D

    so the shrouds help get more air across the fins and have more air to draw when they leave the rad.

    Here's a small DIY tip - if you have any regular 120mm fans lying around in your workspace, get a hacksaw and cut off the bracing for the fan motor mount and voila you have a crude but workable fan shroud for your H50.

    Go down to the Tom's Hardware Member System Gallery on the systems section and find my rigs, you'll fully grasp the setup i have now.
  7. Yea, I'm going to mod mine as well but haven't gotten around to it yet. Not sure if I'll go beyond just replacing the tubes and adding either a small reservoir or a single bay reservoir for late upgrades.

    As for the shrouds, I'll just purchase a couple. I have the hand me down system that goes on with my PCs. I build a new one and the old takes the place of ones below it and so on. My son now gets my dual core and his P4 will more than likely be turned into a RAID backup system for me. So, I'll hold onto the 120mm fans I have for their airflow.

    I checked out your rig pictures and saw the dual radiator mounted on top of the case but hard to see where the fans are located. I assumed they were on top of the radiator pulling air in over the radiator. The one thing I couldn't see was the reservoir or is it a closed system as it started out to be as the H50?
  8. :) for rig 1 its actually a closed loop dual rad modded to the north-bridge as well via the fusion block system.

    the first rad to the left is the original H50 rad thas of alluminium construct while the rad to the right is a swiftech MCR120-res, its a res/rad combo so helps me with refilling, draining and also bleeding the system :) ... but that was way back when. Hopefully I'd want to get a real WC loop setup cos now i know what i can do with water :lol:

    I think i have the rad/res wc loop specs posted in the Toms hardware watercooling rig thread...i think.

    But be warned about mixed metals in your system...FYI bro
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  10. And thank YOU for the vote!!! PM me if you need anything regarding modding the H50 :)
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