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hye there....
i have a problem in rating my laptop can't be rate..while the rating was running..then, it suddenly stop and a message state that my computer can't be rating due to the incorrect parameter...and, "your computer window experience index has not yet been established" what that message suppose to mean?? i don't understand b'coz this is the first time i brought laptop on my own...what should i do to fix this problem...?any idea?/.
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  1. are you running wei rating while on battery? if so try it on mains power
  2. What mcnumpty23 recommended is worth a try.
    I think windows error would state " on battery power and insuffeint time remaining" Also on battery power if it runs, the scores may be lower than when on AC power.

    You indicated that it starts and the bombs out at some point - At which point does it stop.
    The order of tests are displayed and I think the order is:
    .. 3D tests
    .. Media decoding
    .. media encoding
    .. CPU test
    .. memory test
    .. Disk test
  3. hye......thanks for replied my mssge...

    i did plugged in before rate my computer...
    at the first assesmnt, i run normally until it reached
    the test on memory stop and state that ' the system could not be computed' - error: could not measure the storage performance. failed to properly assest the disk.the parameter is incorrect...
    the statement was pop-up when it stop suddenly...

    so??? anything that i can do to repair it..other ways rather than format n re-install the system...please help me!!!
  4. ya..i did plugged in before rating...
  5. try running a chkdsk on your hard drive. that will tell you whether there are any errors. can be a step forward at least.
  6. ^, by all means try running chkdsk.
    If that does not help:
    Laptop model and old, or new?
    HDD, How much "free" space is on the HDD - Reason is if too full there may not be enough free space to run the test.
  7. can you tell me how to run the 'checkdisk'... heeee..
    i just brought this's eee pc seashell series(asus)
    disk C = 68.8 gb n disk D = 98.7 gb...
  8. don't know how...
  9. go to start and type cmd in search--open the command prompt thats listed by right clicking and select run as administrator--in the command prompt box type chkdsk /f and say yes when it says cant lock the drive as its in use do you want to schedule checkdisk--then restart pc and checkdisk should run 0n reboot
  10. Also can find cmd swithes by entering chkdsk /?

    "On free space: you said "disk C = 68.8 gb n disk D = 98.7 gb"
    is that free space or total space ?
    If you go to my computer and right click the drive and then select properties, it will show Used space, Free space, and total size.
  11. that's for the free disk...

    i had restart my laptop to run the chechdisk as ordered...but, nothing happen after restart it..then, what to do next??
  12. restart it a couple of times--sometimes it doesnt always do it when you tell it then does it unexpectedly when you do another restart
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