How can you use DDR3 on a mobo with 4 slots..?

I decided I was going to build an am3 system... The motherboard uses DDR3, but has 4 slots.. Sorry if I am confused on this issue, but don't you use 3 slots of ram for ddr3..? The kit was 2x2 DDR3...The i7 mobos use ddr3 and 3/6 slots...

Basically.. wtf did I miss? thanks.
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  1. Core i7 is a tripple channel setup; memory in 3's or 2's if you only have 2-4 sticks. core i5 and amd uses dual channel 2 or 4 sticks.
  2. Looks good to me. You can use 2 sticks on a dual channel ddr3 board. It may actually be more stable than populating all the slots.
  3. "How can you use DDR3 on a mobo with 4 slots..? "

    You simply plug them in ... :)

    DDR2/DDR3 is memory technology. Dual/triple channel is CPU/motherboard technology. They are not equivalent. You could, if you wish, build a system using triple channel DDR2 RAM.
  4. Sorry, I got confused :-)
    Last time I built a system.. DDR Came in pairs of 2s... I assumed that was DDR2... and the first DDR3 I saw was in pairs of 3.... :-) lol.
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