Asus P6T Dlx V2 Vs Rampage II Extreme Vs WS Revolution

Without going much into details of the total system build, I will ask a short question
I am looking to buy Asus P6T Dlx V2($289) or Gigabyte UD5($288).

But came across a deal from Dell to get ASUS Rampage II Extreme for $280 and WS Revolution for $273

Can some throw quick answer if Rampage II Ext / WS Revolution any better than the above mentioned two boards, especially when I am getting this for $9 less
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  1. get the asus rampage II Extreme, its probably going to be good, if you dont like it, then sell it for a higher price
  2. If you want a solid gaming, overclocking machine - Rampage Extreme
    If Planning for a nvidia CUDA computing machine - WS Revolution

    Both are better than the V2...
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