Whats better for SLI? (GTX 275)

Out of these 3 GTX 275's;


Which one would be the best in SLI together? Wouldn't higher Core Clock speeds result in better framerates? Or could i easily just buy the cheapest one and OC it to the highest CC speed on that page?
(713 MHz)

Thanks for the info!
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  1. It doesnt really matter. SLI will run both cards at the slowest clocks though, so you need to overclock them equally.

    Generally you can overclock up to the highest factory OC, but that is not always the case, luck of the draw really.

    However, given the price of a 4890 now a days (199.99 for an xfx stock on newegg, some even less) you should really think hard about if you want to spend the cash for a 275 at this point in time.
  2. I would get the slower one and over clock it.
    I am running two pny 275's in SLI with a mild over clock and they plow through games.
  3. What resolution are you using, what powersupply do you have and what CPU is installed?
  4. chances are you can buy the cheapest ones, and overclock.

    gtx 275s are all reference design, ie, theyre all the same (except the ones that arent lol.)

    of course, theres no gaurantee youll get the clocks you want with the cheaper card. hence the premium on an overclocked card. you *know* itll go that fast.
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