Xigmatek Dark Knight? did I make a mistake?

Ok so I bought a Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V. Than I buy my CPU AMD 955 and I notice I get a heatsink/fan included with my CPU. Now Ill be overclocking my cpu to about 3.6ghz or more so was it a waste of money getting the Xigmatek and I just shoul have used the cooler than came with my CPU?

one more thing is it save to use the thermal paste the came with my Xigmatek with AMD 955.
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  1. K1ash3r... you didn't make a mistake by buying the Xigmatek. If you were not going to overclock, than yes. If you plan on doing any overclocking, it is always recommended to buy a third party cooler. The stock cooler will not keep the temperatures down during overclocking. Read this post... it gives some comparisons on the Dark Knight vs Stock and how to install it (pictures include).... Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V CPU Cooler Review

    Yes... you can use the thermal paste but I would recommend anyone of these thermal paste.... June 2009 Thermal Paste Roundup
  2. Thanks tecmo34, I guess I could order AS5 but is it worth the extra 16pounds?
  3. K1ash3r said:
    Thanks tecmo34, I guess I could order AS5 but is it worth the extra 16pounds?

    IMO... it is worth it. It will only allow you to raise your overclock higher and keep cooler temps better.... but at the same time if it comes down to buying it & having to downgrade a GPU or something to fit it into your budget... than no it isn't worth it.
  4. Well what I mean is that is it worth to pay for the shipping(10 pounds) just when im buying one item + AS5(6 pounds). It will only give me a couple degress differance right?
  5. wow that shipping is expensive, and OCZ freeze is better than AS5 so get that instead.
  6. lol nvm the 10poound shipping I made a mistake in my calcuations, so ill guess i order OCZ freeze instead of AS5
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