ECS A780GM-A V.1.1 Are there actual DDR2 1066 Mem.?

I'm having a time and alittle confusing dealing with this kind of Memory.
I'd order 6 gb of DDR2 PC8500/240pin/1066mhz. Ended up gotten I'm assuming to be DDR3 PC8500/ 1066mhz. They didn't match up with the DDR2 6400 memory and the memory slot on the M/B.
Sended it back.
Now try again of order 8gb of DDR2 PC8500/240/1066mhz. Now guess what, they sent me DDR2 6400/240/800mhz. Now having to wait for someone tell me of why some one sending me wrong or someone are getting confuse with these memory!
Trying to find memory that ECS is asking for, Where are they?, they're not out on the market, they only been use for tested with. Seem of not release yet or determinate of using.

Also, AMI Bios setup, what is actual setting for the AMD AM2+ and AM3 CPU and setting for the volt/power to get 1066mhz.
There setup is new routine of setting, not like year gone by, M.I.B. and of different language of voltages.

I'm not an over clocker person, Not going to over clock the M/B on a 6400/800 Ram just to get 1066, Feel safe at the Ram being made for the 1066 and then will (( needing the details)) to change the power up for it.
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  1. Are there actually DDR2-1066 ? Yes
    What did you order and what did they send you? only you know.
    You said you ordered 8gb of DDR2 pc8500 what chips did they actually send you? In other words what brand and model did they send you?
  2. Actually, there ain't no such thing as DDR2-1066 RAM. Got your attention now, yes? :)

    DDR2-1066 RAM is simply DDR2-800 RAM that has been tested to run at the higher speed, usually at an increased voltage and more relaxed timings.
  3. The original Jedec specification of DDR2 was as listed below.
    How would you define DDR2-400 or DDR2-533 or DDR-667? are these failed versions of DDR2-800? Don't think so
    It's just silcon produced for a specific application, in this case memory. Jedec sets the specifications for identifying the specific quality.
    "DDR2 was introduced in the second quarter of 2003 at two initial clock rates: 200 MHz (referred to as PC2-3200) and 266 MHz (PC2-4200). Both performed worse than the original DDR specification due to higher latency, which made total access times longer. However, the original DDR technology tops out at a clock rate around 200 MHz (400 MT/s). Higher performance DDR chips exist, but JEDEC has stated that they will not be standardized. These modules are mostly manufacturer optimizations of highest-yielding chips, drawing significantly more power than slower-clocked modules, and usually do not offer much, if any, greater real-world performance."

    DDR2 started to become competitive with the older DDR standard by the end of 2004, as modules with lower latencies became available
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