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Hi, Ive got a RAR file which is updated reguarly and stored on a remote server. We use a piece of software called Syncrify, which is a bit like RSYNC in that when incremental backups take place only the parts of a file that are different are copied over to minimise data transfer.

So, at the moment if a few files are added to this RAR file of GB's only a 100MB transfer or so is needed to update the backup copy.

I would like to use WinRar's feature add a recovery record to the file to improve reliability. So when you add a recovery record to a RAR how does it work? Is the recovery information spread throughout the file using parity bits etc? Im worried that if a recovery record is added it will make changes spread across the whole file meaning that when it comes to backup the data using this method the whole thing will need transferring.

Thanks if you can help
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  1. In winrar if you enable recovery record option it will modify rar file itself, it will make it bigger by 3-10%. It will not modify files contained inside it any way. (im not sure where exactly winrar stores recovery record, but guessing across the rar file itself)

    Good thing the Syncrify is smart and will update your RAR file partially after you enable recovery record. 1000MB file will be synced by 100mb and make it bigger on server.

    I would sugjest using 10% recovery record,
  2. You may work with rar files by using rar recovery

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