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Hi, I am needing an idea as to what MOBO to get with a view to saving money now and allowing for an upgrade in years time. Stick to AMD mostly cause that is what Ive used in past and I think AMD change their socket less frequently. So if I choose AM3 that should be around for a while.

How do I choose a MOBO, what do I look for. There seem to be an endless list
when I go to an online store and I dont understand why one is more expensive than another other than more slots and video onboard type.

Also will be getting a new CPU, but MOBO understanding /comparison is harder for me.
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  1. Your budget is the starting point. Without it, I'm just guessing as to what you can afford. You'll want to get 2x2 gb of ddr3 for future upgradability, which is around $100. I like the hdmi boards for all the extra connectors you get for video playback. If money is tight, newegg has some regor combo deals. One was the regor 240, 2x2gb of ddr2, and gigabyte 785 board with onboard video for $217. I don't recommend you buy any board for it's ability to unlock cores (some 710 and 750 chipset boards). If you want a quad core, spend a little more and get one.
  2. Thx for the help. I would like to know what you mean by 'connectors for video playback' are you talking about intel?, just I said AMD. I would like the latest Ram 4 Gig, onboard video thats better than 256Meg Radeon 9550 AGP, Onboard FireWire(for my vid cam).

    This is to run Win 7. I have two Sata Drives and One Larger IDE. I will also use the two DVD burners I have. I have a 500Watt PSU. The case needs replacing. Right now money is tight, $600 limit on what you recommend please. , I expect to be in a much better position to upgrade this in 12 months.

    I wasnt sure if it mattered what OS so I thought to state incase it matters. I bought the parts for the ASUS K8, Sempron 3000+ for $600 4 years ago and its been a very good machine(Im using what I canfrom it). Won't play latest FPS games . This new machine dosen't have to either, I can wait for when I get a better VID card.

    Any further help greatly appreciated.

  3. Dont use generic rubbish PSU's
    Dont use ancient gen 1 sata hdd's
    Most modern motherboards have 1xIDE channel (2 devices max)
    No platform is future proof - dont get the idea that one is better then the other etc
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    Newegg has the following:

    Msi NF750G55 SLI board $97.59 shipped
    Amd Denab 955 Black $165 shipped
    HIS H577FM1GD 5770 video card $162.99 shipped
    Corsair 650w ps $79.99 after rebate shipped
    Gskill ddr3 1600 2x2gb $95.99 shipped

    Total: about $620

    Can't use your old agp card on any new boards. If this estimate is too high for your budget, go back to my first recommendation for the regor combo deal and use the onboard video until you want to get a decent video card.
  5. If you live near frys, they have the MSI board in my last post plus the denab 925 quad core for $159.99 after $15 rebate.
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