Mobo and case issue?

I have a P35 mobo and Antec Solo case. I plan on moving the mobo and other hardware (video card and sound card) to a new case, an Antec 300.

But, after I moved the Solo case to a new location, I noticed that my exhaust fan wasn't working/running. I also noticed that one of the thin wires had the LED off and was left with two wires (green and white). I'm not sure now where it plugs in.

I guess I have to get the mobo manual an figure it out.

But, maybe someone experienced with mobo and power cable setups can comment?

I want to redo the setup with better cooling, better cable management and I need to figure out now where all the cables go. I took out the sound card and video card so I could have easier access and a better look.

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  1. If you're lost, draw a diagram as you disassemble your system and move it to the new case. All the small 2 and 3 pin power switch leads (led power light, reset, power switch, hardrive active light) are low voltage, so you can try them in different positions on the same pin cluster without damaging the board. The leads may also be identified by white id lettering if you have good eyesight or a magnifying glass. The board manual may also help you to figure where the connectors go. Have the power cable to the power supply disconnected while you make the connections.
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