Cannot see files on external hard drive

I have a WD 500Gb hard drive. No 'hidden files' Error checking shows no errors. However I can only see about 60Gb of files, but in properties it shows only 7.9Gb available?

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  1. You can try windirstat and see what shows up.

    Also, do you have system restore turned on for this drive? If so, you can most likely delete the older restore points. Disk cleanup has the option to delete all but the last restore point.
  2. 1) In Disk Manager, see if there is more than one partition, or if the partition is smaller than 500 GB. Or right-click in Explorer and look at the Properties.

    2) If it really is a 500 GB partition, and Properties shows over 400 GB used, try a utility named Windirstat. Run it from an Administrator login, and check the option to show hidden files. It does a good job of showing where space is used.

    Let us know what you see.
  3. Oops, overlapping posts with Hawkeye.
  4. Excellent thanks ... will check and revert to let you know...much appreciated.
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