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I am having trouble with running Windows XP 32bit Media Center Edition desktop. Will not connect to the internet.

I was infected with a nasty rootkit that seems to have messed with my registry files. With the help of a friend who was experienced in internet security, that problem has ceased.

Now the problem is my communications ports and possibly even more essentials have stopped functioning due to registry files and drivers being deleted.
What can I possibly use to fix this? Preferably without a recovery disk since I dont have one.
I can download programs and transfer them to my desktop with a Flash Drive.
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  1. "Nasty" infections almost always require a reinstall of Windows. Does your media PC still have the utility to create a set of recover discs?
  2. I dont believe it does. I dont think I need a complete reinstall unless thats the only way to retrieve what was lost that allows com ports to function. Thats really the only thing I care about fixing at the moment.
  3. A reinstall is likely the only way to restore all those registry entries.
  4. Well every computer in my household seems to have been infected with this virus.
    Would I just need to buy a cheap $6 recovery disk off ebay for a fix? Im just gonna reformat each computer.
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    There are several different versions of XP, and you will need to have the correct CD to work with each license key.

    For example, you cannot use a full-install retail CD with an OEM key.
  6. Well every computer in my household seems to have been infected with this virus.
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  8. Alright thanks for the info. I found a recovery disk that is said to work with all versions of windows xp, vista, and 7. (Of course all 3 systems that got infected run different OS. Xp, Vista, and 7.)
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