Raid 5 recovery

i had 2 disks go down in a raid 5, so far i have been completely unsuccessful in recovering any data.

Thank you for any advice.

5 drives in a raid 5
all wdc black
highpoint 2720
3 drives working fine.
1 drive wont even turn on.
1 drive locks up the system, disconnects, and fails smart with "failed servo and/or seek element"

i have tried:
RunTime raid reconstructor
Runtime get Data back ntfs
diskinternals raid recovery

the system locks up when accessing the 'bad' drive.
By "locks up" i mean the system freezes for small points of time, but evenually discovers the parition and data, but after 16 hours it only recovered 240mb of it. The errior is bad sectors.

Windows can never actually see the array, i had to turn them into job volumes and use the recovery software. The controler would try to rebuilt the array, but the 'bad disk' would disconnect and reconnect consitantly.
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  1. RAID5 with 5 disks can reconstruct itself from the failure of ONE component drive, but NOT from simultaneous failure of 2. RAID6 can do that, but it uses more HDD overhead space because it stores extra data for recovery. I've seen a 2-disk RAID5 server failure in a professionally-run shop, and it took three days to restore completely (the system was in constant use during most of that time) from BACKUP TAPES! that had been made daily. Without that, your task is almost impossible.
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