OCX + OC2 no throttling!?!? FYI

Fry's just had a sale on their 280's for 210.00 USD..So I thought to myself...Might as well while I can.

I buy one, slap it in my system and fire up a Crysis just for grins....


The frame rates are buttery smooth at 1920 x 1200, very high (_Awesome_) ..out of curiosity I checked my performance clocks and low and behold....

Each card was listed as its own clock speed....Nothing was throttled. Obviously something must be wrong here...So I installed a few other monitoring programs and got the same result....
Finally...I downclocked the gtx 280 ocx to 0c2 levels exactly...and much to my surprise...Frame rates dropped slightly.

Anyway, my point is that alot of people seem to think that SLI'ing two cards of different clock speeds (not models) will throttle the faster card to the lower cards clock speeds. In my case (and joy) it did not. Let me know if you have a different experience.

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  1. The OCX is in slot 1. OC2 in slot 2. OC2 is the new card.
  2. thats not how it is with my BFG GTX260's They're both the maxcores. One being an OC @590mhz and the other being an OC2 @630mhz. At the default setting both cards posted @590mhz. With evga's precision OC'ing app as long as the OC2 is highlighted and I hit "default" both cards will post @630mhz. (the OC2's higher clock speed) strange. You do have your sli bridge attached properly and have enabled SLI in the Nvidia control panel right?
  3. actually with the newer drivers both cards can run at independant frequencies in SLI. the downside to this though is that you may get microstuttering more often. but you should have no problem with overclocking the lesser card to the SSC's specs to eliminate any possibility of this.

    I would recommend to run both at same speed.
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