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I have an aging 955x Intel board that had a Pentium 830 D. I used a Big Typhoon air cooler and it typically had idle temps, at room temp of 22-23C, of around 32-34c. From what I know of the older Intel D chips, that is pretty cool considering.

Now, I had a 940 D laying around to see if in fact the 955x Intel board would support VT technology. To my surprise, it does. Used the same Arctic Silver 5 method for the 940 D as I did for the 830 D and my idle temps are hovering around 36c, sometimes dropping to 35c briefly. Load temps seem to be around 42-46c - and that is with a VPC running with a game going.

I'm not real familiar with the 940 D chips and how hot they tend to run. Anyone know if mine is within acceptable range? I still have the burn in time for the grease to set in as well, which may drop it 1-2c over the next few weeks.

I've noticed some performance improvements, but not enough to brag about considering I'm dealing with a dinosaur chip at this point.

Anyway, does anyone have a base idea of what is typical operating temps for the 940 D. I've heard nightmare scenarios where people claim these chips idle at 45C+ - OUCH!
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  1. Yes your quite right they do run a bit hotter as you have two P4's 3.2's (basically)sandwiched together under that IHS.

    Around 130 Watts TDP for the B1 stepping cpu.

    Around 85 Watts TDP for the C1 stepping cpu

    You should notice quite a bit of performance jump on a few tasks though - the 940 has twice the cache and a 200Mhz performance jump ... plus the 65nm process was supposed to run slightly cooler as opposed to the 90nm (830) chips.

    Because your running an 800Mhz FSB I'd suggest dropping the multiplier one notch and upping the FSB (not chasing an overclock but chasing a higher FSB) to increase the memory bandwidth.

    Might give you a bit of a performance boost on a netburst chip without going into thermal issues with a higher clockspeed.

    Keeping an eye on the idle and load temps is a good idea and by the looks of it you have things under control - watch going over 60 degrees under load though (easily possible with sustained gaming.

    Clear the cabling inside of the case to maximise airflow and make sure the case fans are pulling plenty of air through the box.

    On a hot day I wouldn't be surprised you could get idle temps around 45 - but not likely with that cooler.
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