Hard Disk and DVD Drive not Working Together

Have Asus P5LD2 Deluxe. The board has one Pri IDE, two E-IDE and four SATA connectors. 120Gb as Master and DVD as Slave on the IDE connector and two Maxtor SATA drives as Master on the SATA connectors.

Everything worked well until I changed the casing. Now the hard drive and dvdrom that were configured as Master/Slave respectively do not work together again. Each works well alone but not the two on same cable. I have checked jumpers and the hard disk is on Master while dvdrom is Slave.

What could be the problem? Thanks for your advise
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  1. Check the ide cable again or change it. You can also try a different power supply lead to both drives or switch them.
  2. Some Ide cables are preconfigured for specific hook ups, generally they will be labeled as master and or slave and the tags can come off.
    Some Ide cables are used for drive select hook up.
    So this leads me to believe you have the ide cable 180degrees off or backwards as it might be described.
    I know there's no need to mention the colored stripe on the cable which indicates pin one. The only time this matters is if the cable or receiver isn't keyed.
    So try flipping the cable backwards or rejumper the drives to drive select.
  3. ^I'd say that is the problem right there, it does matter where the devices are plugged in to the cable, and that the cable orientation is correct.
  4. Thanks everyone. I did find the culprit to be bent pins on the hard disk. I straightened the pins and reconnected. Both the hard disk and the dvdrom are working well again on same cable.
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