How to discarge static electricity

Hey guys I plant on putting a gaming rig this weekend and i dont wanna waste any money on that anti static stuff so what are some ways to protect your selfs from frying your components when putting them together>
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  1. Do not work on carpet, ever, work on an insulated surface.

    Easy way to make sure you are grounded, touch a cold water pipe prior to starting work and make sure you dont go across any carpets to get back to the parts. Everything in your house is grounded to a cold water pipe and then a grounding rod anyway. If you can limit the amount you get up and walk around while building the computer you wont generate very much static anyway. But remember a spark you can see is 10 kilovolts, it only takes 10 volts to fry a CPU.
  2. ..ouch ok since My house is covered with carpets ill just put something under my feet and wont get up till I finish. =)

    edit: and what would you say the percantage for frying your cpu when I touch it for like 5second while standing on a carpet?
  3. Just touch touch the nearest metal object every now and than and don't drag your feet on the carpet. I haven't used a strap or even worried about static since school. As long as you aren't doing stupid stuff you'll be fine.
  4. Don't work on carpet. I just put mine together in my kitchen on the counter top, since that was the only area that had hard floors. Everytime before touching something just touch the inside of your case, and once it is installed, tough the PSU case. If you do that you will be fine.
  5. ^ This is what I'm going to do when I build mine. Clear the kitchen table, cover it in cardboard/newspaper and keep touching the cold tap regularly. :)
  6. As silly as it might sound my kitches has this gay thin carpet -_- so ill just do it on my room on a wooden desk and like put something inder my feet
  7. Man, coming from a computer I use a wrist strap for anything I do at work, the stuff I've worked on at home, I never have used one, and no major problems. Make sure to touch an unpainted surface of the case before touching any parts, and handle everything by the edges, not by the connectors and you should be good.
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