ATI Driver's (Performance Benchmarks)The Best Drivers 4 u and me?

Just wondering witch ATI 4800 CCC Driver is the Best or has Better performance then the other?
like 8.7, 9.1, 9.3, 9.5, 9.7, you get the picture... i have a 4850 and want to get the most out of it cause i have noticed switching drives my FPS go's up and down, i tried the 9.6 and it made my pc turn off Randomly Rolled back to 9.5 and t works fine but i got better FPS with one of the older Drivers but i dont want to go through all of them...

So has any one been testing these drivers as they come out? Any benchmarks or something show witch ones have the best Performance?

i am about to install the new 9.7 but i dont want to make another 9.6 mistake

Any one know?
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  1. cool, thank you very much
  2. cool, thank you very much
  3. cool, thank you very much
  4. why don't we compound some tests of all the ATI drivers? see whats the best for what ever application your using maybe?
  5. Well 9.7 seems a good driver it has fixed lots of issues too,Usually the more they make new drivers,more bugs are fixed and there are improvements too
  6. i had a issue with the 9.7 but it went away it Crashed my PC when i was playing fallout But i retarted and its working fine i hope it does not happen again it could be over load for the card i have like 30 something mods running on fallout 3 LOL

    9.7 dose seem a little better smoother
  7. Ok Forget the 9.7 Drivers, Crashed my pc Again I'm going back to 9.5 i got 10 more FPS with the 9.5 Drivers in the FarCry 2 Bench marks
  8. thats strange it works perfectly with my HD 4870X2
  9. Im going to test out the 9.8 and see whats up

    But i just got my Zalman VF1000 On my Card it is so Nice my Temps are at 35c Idle its amazing and it will not get above 50c full load so so nice
  10. the Hottest i was able to get my Video Card to with the new Cooler was 47c amazing
  11. 9.9 Suck Big time i was playing Half LIfe Episode 2 and it orked fine then went to play some Team fortress 2 And after 10 min it crashed tried it again same thing Garbage Throw those Drivers out Im Very Disappointed In ATI i'm Finding out they have Horrible Driver support And thats what alot of people are saying
  12. for 9.9 works fine without crashes but there are lots of problems reported by other users,here is a review too:
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