Windows 7 doesn't recognize my usb external hard drive?

I want to clone system 7 to my new Intel M-25 SSD which I put into a external usb drive enclosure I just got. The drive enclosure docs didn't mention system 7 as being on its supported systems. I figured being a usb device it would be ok. Any ideas? Thanks. Could it be the firmware? Can you update the firmware to a drive that can't be seen?
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  1. Assuming that you mean Windows 7, I recommend against what you are doing strongly.

    If you want to put Win7 on an SSD, the consensus here is that you should do a clean install (search the forums if you don't believe me). The SSD should be attached to a controller in AHCI mode during installation, and an external enclosure will not provide AHCI mode.

    Short form: Disconnect all current hard drives from PC (no need to remove them), attach the SSD internally, ensure (in the BIOS) that the SATA port is set to AHCI mode, not IDE, and do an install.

    Long form: read our own Tecmo34's guide:

    I know that I didn't address your main question. That's because, unless you are doing the experiment for a very strong reason, you don't want to clone an existing Win7 install to a new SSD, let alone a new SSD in a USB enclosure. Among other problems, the drivers will be wrong.
  2. NickWhite May 31, 2011 2:25:40 PM
    I fixed it! Just as I'd given up and decided to ask you guys, the internet coughed up a solution.

    for those interested, I got this from Microsoft Answers...
    Plug in and turn on the external USB hard drive.
    Right mouse click on My Computer.
    Left click on Manage.
    Left click on Device Manager.
    Expand the USB list.
    Find the USB device for your USB Hard Drive.
    Right mouse click – Uninstall.
    Turn off the external USB hard drive.
    Turn on the external USB hard drive and let it find and install the driver.
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