Any suggestions on what monitor I should buy?

I'm looking to buy a monitor for my Xbox 360. I want it to be at least 23 inches and preferably have HDMI. VGA is a must though. I am looking to spend no more than $230. If you have any suggestions for monitors, or even a specific model of a brand, or just a brand itself, I would really appreciate it. To supplement, I also need a monitoring software for my son, just like the web filter, mobile spy for iphone as the iphone spy, after the purchasing, I could use these software to take care of my baby, thanks so much!!!!
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  1. Experience: I have a pair of LG 23" monitors and I wouldn't trade them for any other brand or size except maybe a 72" HD computer (not TV) 16:9 wall monitor. LG has analog (SVGA), DVI, and HDMI inputs as well as a headphone/remote speaker jack (works with HDMI input from computer or Blue-Ray). Mine are LG Flatron W2353V and they are no longer available, but newer models are. Native resolution is 1920x1080, perfect for HD and Blue-Ray. LG makes other monitors look... well, crummy.

    Just Google LG Flatron and maybe include the size you want.
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