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I am looking for a solution to share files/media between the members of my family. My brother, sister, and I all live in different cities and have our respective collections of movies and music.

I want a way for us all to share the files.

This system will be used for warehousing data with the posibility of some transcoding, and maybe having it do torrent downloads.

I have an Argosy box I use to stream movies to the TV, so this will not be a requirement.

I plan on running a raid 5 array.

1. Would a FreeNAS/samba setup be a good candidate?

2. Will ftp be the best way for my brother and sister to access the system? Anyone have some links to information on this?

3. Anyone have an opinion on Ubunter Server ed., as I'm currently using Ubuntu Desktop on a dual boot machine.

4. I've been looking at an atom or celeron setup, but wanted to see what has worked for other people.

I've just begun looking into this, so I'm sure i've left out some relevant info etc. Thanks in advance
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  1. I'm all for FreeNAS... A fantastic software.

    FTP feature is simplest way for sharing files - Up/Down loading
    You do need to set up a IP forwarding in your router so your relative can access the box

    Built-in Bit Torrent service is nice

    You can build a FreeNAS for yourself - use this 40TB Media Server as reference

    If you don't want to mess around, get your hand dirty then get eBOX-N a ready Media Server runs FreeNAS

    I have use FreeNAS over a year, a simple but powerful Media Server. I'm a very happy camper
  2. 3. I'm also in the process of building a DIY NAS and started with Ubuntu Server. However I got really bored with just using the terminal. I'd recommend just installing Ubuntu Desktop for ease of configuration. In all likelyhood the performance impact of using a "heavy" UI OS is going to minimal when your requirement is to serve files over a LAN, WAN and do a bit of torrenting.

    4. I actually went for an i3 purely because it had the horsepower when it needs it but can idle better than the Atom. I can't be arsed finding the article that showed this.

    If you aren't needing RAID > 2TB I'd suggest picking up a ReadyNAS Duo. This is the only reason I'm building a DIY NAS. It does everything I needed it to do and it will do everything you listed. Just pick up the unpopulated version and whack in your own drives. It's add on's are pretty good and the Transmission web client is the biz.
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