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I have just built my own system and i am having a few peoblem the main one is that when trying to load programs or applications the load time is like an asthmatic hamster is inplace of the parts in the pc.
I am running vista HP 64
All drivers are upto dat is there anything i could have done or not have done for the pc to perform this way?

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  1. What programs are taking a while, and what are the full specs on the PC, including make and model of the HDD.
  2. MB - Nvidia 750i sli
    CPU - Intel Q9400
    6gb 800mhz ram
    GPU - Radion hd4870 x2
    HD not quite sure. but ran very fast in the last pc i had. x2 650gb

    Only the opening of aps run mega slow once open run fine. I cant work it out
  3. Which applications? You need to be more specific. And find out what model HDD you have as for opening of apps that would be my first guess for your bottleneck.
  4. Any aps or programs just been running Crysis on high and no ptobs but opening took a while. In the windows vista computer tester the entir comp is 5.9 aprt from the ram, yet it was 5.9 in the last pc it ran in,

    hd = seagate SN 9QK11JTZ
  5. is the OS a fresh install?

    and that PC can play crysis at very high on all resolutions except 2560x1600.

    looks like your HDD is a .11 series, that could be the problem.
  6. Simple stuff would be full HD, swap file issues, disk I/O errors.

    Curious: Please give mobo make and model (or name if pre-fab pc), and exact memory/slot configuration.
  7. Yeah fresh install.
    What is a .11 series?

    Mobo is XFX 750i SLi
  8. nvidia xfx 750 Sli

    Memory slot now using slot 1 and 3 2gb in each
  9. seagate 7200.11 hard drives had a fault . They are supposed to have been fixed , but yours might need a firmware update you can get from seagate . Do it or its toast , either now or later .

    Your problem is hard drive . It might just be shagged . they come like that sometimes
  10. +1. The quality of the whole Seagate 7200.11 series is pretty iffy. I would definitely say those Seagate hard drives are your problem.
  11. Chrcked on the site. Says when i enter the SN number there is no Updates for the dirmware available.
  12. I have just been going through mm settings and noticed that i havent set up Raid. Will this impact the performance greatly?
    Also to make crysis run faster would i need to just upgrade my CPU?
  13. Why, oh why did you get a 750i sli board and pair it with a 4870 X2.

    Anyway it's probably the hard drive. Could be that your mobo doesn't like it, you got the one with the old firmware, or it's just a lemon.
  14. megamanx00 said:
    Why, oh why did you get a 750i sli board and pair it with a 4870 X2.


    I'm glad someone had the guts to say what I'm sure a lot of us were thinking. That combination makes no sense.
  15. I know, I am selling that on ebay atm and going sli.
    But the problem has depened. The system freezes at boot up and sometimes in windows. When it has been restarted a number of times the motherboard flags up saying that "the previous overclock has not been successful" Funny its not been overclocked lmao
    I will be purchacing the new HD tomorrow. I was wondering if the cheap ram would be compatable with the Sli?

    Any who was going to get one of them rapter drives. Just cant understand why it is freezing on both the hard drives i have tryed.

    Any ideas b4 i spend all my hard earned cash?
  16. You don't happen to have any Windows programs installed that are capable of overclocking?

    If so, uninstall them.
  17. Like i said fresh install. I am getting a new had today so will see if it freezes in the windows installation prosses like the old HD's
    Off to scan! :P
  18. Yeah mate. Tryed each one separate. Start up or go to install windows and it freezes
  19. Problem solved. Wasnt the hard drive. Was the memory. So After listening to all you advise i opted for:

    Asus A5Q Pro Mobo,

    8GB of Dominator Ram + Heat Fan,

    896MB Asus GTX 275 Card,

    Just considering uprating the cooling of the CPU Currently running my Q9400 @ 3.00ghz. Liquid here we come.

    Again thanks for all the advice.
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