Question on a couple cards..Do they have a spdif connector?


I was looking at a couple different cards. In the pics I dont see the SPDIF audio plug that comes with it or on the card. So I just wanted to know if they are capable of that before I buy one.

My intention is to hook up a SPDIF cable to the motherboard so I can get sound from HDMI>DVI.

Here are some of the ones I was curious about (or maybe I just dont see the connection):

Also, if you recommend a different one or have a preference on these that would be cool too.

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  1. SPDIF from motherboard to video card.

    SPDIF header on mobo has 3 pins. Use only the two that are adjacent.
    Signal + ground. No way connect the third pin a little distanced from the other two, the +5v. It will fry the video card.
  2. You may not need a S/PDIF cable. You may be able to send sound to HDMI through the audio driver properties.

    This is the easiest pic I could find which shows all the information in one shot:
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