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I will be building my system tonight and into tomorrow using some current parts and new parts. I bought the Kuhler 920 based on reviews, which will be connected to a P8P67 Deluxe on an Intel 2500k. I currently have a fan controller for my case. Would the unit still function properly if I chose to connect the Kuhler 920 to my fan controller. I would like to avoid using the software provided if that is possible. I just like having lean systems with least amount of stuff installed. My estimation based on looking at the how the Kuhler connects is that the fans will adjust with the controller, but my concern is whether the pump in the liquid cooler will be impacted negatively. Overall, what I would like to do is manually set fan speeds on the Kuhler to remain at an effective, but constant rate.

Many thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Doesn't the pump header connect to your CPU fan header? What software are you talking about?
  2. With this unit, there are two fans that connect to a line that has the pump connected to it. Creates one main line that is connected to the CPU header. There is also a USB header connected to the pump and when plugged to the mobo with the installed software, allows some control of the fan speeds. What I was planning/hoping on doing is taking the plug that would go to my CPU header (that has the two fans and pump connected to it) and connecting it to my fan controller with the hope of controlling the speed manually rather than relying on a software profile to do so. So my question really was whether connecting that one main line to my fan controller would cause any problems with the antec 920 cooler.

    *edited to make clearer.
  3. If anyone ever wants to know searching out there in cyber space, I had a discussion with Antec. You can attach the fans to a controller. The pump could be too, but it needs full voltage so the CPU fan header is recommended. Since I did not hear back from Antec, I installed the software. Overall, I like it and it works. It takes a little work to set a custom profile that cools really good and is pretty quiet.
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