AMD board/cpu, Nvidia Chipset, can I?

Motherboard says it all. I am looking at buying an am3 motherboard but I would like to purchase an Nvidia graphics card problably.. Is there any problems with this..? I don't know if I'll ever run SLI, but just as a single card is my concern. It has a 790FX chipset... I'm mainly after PhysX if I can.. I don't want to buy 2 cards because... Franky that would defeat the purpose of me saving money with AMD :-)
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  1. Nvidia cards work fine on AMD chipset boards they will not run in SLI though since the boards only support crossfire.
  2. Yeah, u will be fine with that setup, also a single powerful card solution is better, less heat, less power needed and not spend more money to CF or SLI... :)
  3. Could you run two nvidia cards on a CF board if you are using one as strictly a physX card? I am mostly just clarifying here.

    The main reason to do this, is that physX is very taxing on the gpu and has a large FPS hit, but you could put in a low end physX card with a good one to render.
  4. This is a good question as well, and the next in my arsenal. So somebody, please do tell!

  5. If people can have 2xHD5xxx cards in crossfire and a dedicated nvidia card as physx card I don't see that as a problem.
  6. You can run the rig without problems, actually I have a 790FX mobo, with a GTX260 and i don't have any problem.

    Now, the problem could be if you want do a SLI, the AMD chipset only support X-Fire or PhysX.
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