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Hi, I'm trying to connect to my wireless network using D-Link DWL-650 (not 650 ) card but it doesn't connect because it seems to recognize only WEP. It used to work fine on WIN 2000 with WPA, but after an upgrade to XP (SP3) it stopped working. I've already tried all the D-Link drivers available for it (5 or 6) but nothing seems to work. Should I "downgrade" my security level to WEP or... any solution would be very appreciated. Thank you very much.
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  1. Howdy,
    I would like to use my DWL-650 with the newer security also. Have you had any success?
  2. No, unfortunately no. Sorry for that. I had to connect it through wire.

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    The DWL-650 is a WEP only network card.

    however, the drivers for the DWL-650+ might work

    try to install the driver only first.
    if it does not work, you could try the D-Link software.
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