Q9300, one core hotter than others?


I have Q9300 and one core is 14-23C hotter than the rest. Is this normal? Can I redirect the load on the cores to make the temperatures more even?

Temps are posted in the picture.

I didn't overclock and I have the stock cooler.

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  1. What are you running on the CPU? It looks like only one core is loaded and doing something.

    Call up Task Manager and look at CPU utilization. I bet that Core 1 is the only one doing any work.
  2. A 5 degree varience is normal, but anything over 10 is extreme unless doing a lot of heavy single threaded work.

    Make sure you're heatsink is mounted properly...
  3. I'm leaning toward a bad temperature sensor on that core, or the program you are using is reading the data incorrectly. On my quad core even if I am only loading one core hard the other 3 are usually within a couple degrees of it.

    Try using another program to monitor the temps or look in the bios(if this is happening while the cpu is idle) and see if the same thing happens. If so, you may also want to try reseating your heat sink.
  4. I checked the temperature with 4 programs, all say the same. It might be the sensor.

    How do you get to / use the CPU Utilization in task manager?
  5. For XP, call up Task Manager. Click on the [Performance] tab. When that opens, you will see a number of windows labeled "CPU Usage History".

    To check CPU temps, you need to load all the CPU cores to 100% of capacity.
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