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I currently have a water cooled H60 system installed and its running very loud .. Im looking at adding an air cooling system since I do not OC .. I have the Core i5 2500K processor 1155

What are some good air coolers? My only request is that is has mounting brackets.. I do not want the legs that you punch through the board like the stock coolers
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  1. whats you budget? you thinking of highend air coolers? if you not oc the standard cooler is quite fine imo'
    or you going after looks plus cooling?
    what ram are you using would also be a factor to what air cooler you want or could get
    need more info if you'd like a better answer ;)
  2. Budget is around $70

    More cooling than looks

    And using Corsair Vengeance ram
  3. have a look at a Thermaltake Frio,but check if it'll fit your case as i dont know what case you have
  4. I have the Cooler Master HAF 932 full size tower
  5. Then you won't have a problem with a frio,good cooler in your price point,or if you really want to go all out thermalrite silver arrow
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