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Hey I just received my HAF 932 case today and it has 2 psu slots, one top and one bottom. Now my g card is a GTX 580 with the msi twin frozr cooling on it which blows air down into the case rather than out the back or up apparently. Seeing as I plan to SLi eventually and maybe OC I want the best cooling can get. So im thinking mount the psu(1000w) top and use the bottom psu hole to somehow mount like a 160mm fan or so. Seems to me like it would work excellent, what do you guys think?

Oh btw this will be my first build lol, but I could always install the fan later, just want to know if I should mount it top now to keep that option open when it comes time.
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  1. Yes that is a viable option. That's why there are top mounting tabs for the PSU (I have the HAF 932 case). When you do this, pay attention to the orientation of the PSU and have plenty of air blowing. Keep in mind that the PSU will be drawing warm case air. Look into the possibility of installing the PSU upside down so that it draws in air from outside of the top of the case.

    You will have to remove the top 240 mm fan and install 1 (or 2) new 120 mm fan just under the top front cover. When you take the top front cover (head) off, you will see the space for the fan.
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