Motherboaor psu to blame?

I wonder if anyone can help me,. im going quite mad over this - it truely has sent me insane, heres the details

I have a motherboard which i used to use in a system - this is a ASUS- p5rd1-v deluxe, It always worked fine - ut i stopped using it because my psu wasnt good enough torun the system stable

I recently got hold of a hiper 580w modular PSU which i thought would run my system nicely.

Connecting this psu up gave me no power at all

This confused me a little and made me think that the psu i had purchased didnt work - so i got a old psu (crappy 400w unit - and hooked it up to my machine - everything worked fine

At this point i thought i might have a faulty psu - so i got a old machine out (based on a qdi superb 4le chipset - hooked the new PSU up (hiper) and everything worked all ok

This confused me a little - so i got the asus motherboard and removed it from the case - hooked up the hiper psu - still no power.........however

I did notice that the sb_pwr (a power light on the mobo) was flickering - most people see to think that this is a problem with the +5v feed........

My question is really this - how can a psu power 1 machine - but not another. I have treid all sorts of things on the asus motherboard - from reseting cmos etc - but i get just a flickering light - no fans or nothing else

I could send the psu back (i purchased it from a forum) but ideally i want it to work

Please help

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  1. Hiper isn't a top rated ps. I try to use only antec, ocz, corsair, seasonic, pc power and cooling, or enermax. All of these brands cost more, but you get what you pay for.
  2. its not only how many watts but amps on the rails 5 3.3 12v doing most of the work with newer systems
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