Xfx 4850 512mb and xfx 4850 1024mb

Hey will these two cards work ok together i just bought my second 4850 today and i had to settle for thr 512mb memory one to go with my 1024mb memory. Are these two cards gonna work out together, i mean they are the same thing except for the memory. I would think they would both balance out at 768mb correct. Can someone explain to me or correct me if i am wrong.

Thank You,
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  1. They'll work together but I think they will be limited by the 512MB of the lesser video card. This is because the memory is not 'shared' between the 2 cards. Each GPU has local access to its own memory and communicates to the other GPU through the crossfire connection.

    I'd return the 512MB and step up to a 1GB if the frame buffer size for the video card matters to you. usually only games that run at very high resolutions or eat up a lot of frame buffer will be affected.
  2. As long as they work and perform well together is all that matters. I purchased the 1024 mb one my friend sold me the 512mb one he said they would work together i just wanna make sure. But i would like to know more about them since tyhe memory is different.
  3. well my friend told me is really isnt, gonna make much of a difference. He said the 1024mb one slighty is faster thats all.
  4. In 90% of cases you won't notice a difference. If you play at 2560x1600 or a graphics hungry program like Crysis, then you'll be limited by the 512. But since it's already a done deal, just don't worry about it.
  5. Yeah i cant complain i got the 512mb one for $40.00 from my friend and he only used it for a week, its still new.
  6. Yup, that is a good deal since those cost about $100 new. :)
  7. all i need now is my case and mobo for my new build. Other words i need more money and i still i have to save money for a down payment to buy another car. grrrrrrrrr about 2 more months of the bike and bus to work. good thing my job is close.
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