Dell Inspiron 531 got black after Bios update

Original Dell Bios update got stuck in the middle of the prosess. PC shut down and now all is black on my monitor and all i get is a neverstopping beeeeep.
Any help please ?
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  1. Did you flash the BIOS from a Windows application? If the update got stuck in the middle of the process, then you'll have to replace the motherboard. What was wrong with the system that required a BIOS update?
  2. After many blue screens i was running Dell driver update ,hoping this would
    solve my problem. I did all the required steps and precautions. Big shock when
    it was the Bios update that crashed the entire system . Yes, I updated over Windows . Should be Dell picking up the bill- if they know your motherbord can fry
    if updated over Windows, why couldnt the update be done safer ? This just feels like going to the shop for new tires and you are told that your entire car has to be replaced..
  3. Did Dell support ask you to upgrade the BIOS? If not, you might have to be very convincing to have them pick up the bill.
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