Is the Motherboard the problem [please help]

at first i thought my video card died out, but after installing an old GeForce card, it seems like the problem might be coming from the motherboard, Msi 790FX GD70

Both my Video card, and H50 are connected to the motherboard, both the video card and the stock fan of the H50 don't run after the crash. Everything else that is connected to the PSU Works perfect

Do you guys think the problem might be the Motherboard? Even though all the lights work, BUT the LED indicator doesn't run when turned on

What do you guys think?

CPU: AMD Phenom x4 955
Mobo: Msi 790FX GD70
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw series 4GB [2x2GB] 1333Mhz
Harddrive: Western Digital Blue 500GB
Cooler: Corsair H50-1
PSU: Antec True Power-TP750 Blue
Video Card: Ati 4850,

i am getting the 5770 but it won't make a difference if the problem continues
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  1. You have the stock cpu fan connected directly to the power supply? Or is the H50 just a case fan? That will cause problems for sure.
  2. While you're not completely clear I'll make an educated guess, the H50 fan is plugged into the motherboard cpu fan connector. So the video card which gets some power from pci-e slot and cpu fan connector are both dead. All other components which get power from a direct connection to power supply work.
    If this is correct then either the power supply line to motherboard is dead which is possible if power supply has dedicated 12v rails as opposed to virtual rails. Or more likely the pwm on the motherboard took a hit and is no longer working.
    If you have a voltmeter you can measure at the 24 pin connector for voltage and at the 4/8 pin cpu connector. If this is ok then the motherboard is out at least.
    Recommend you disconnect cpu voltage line and test, do not run power through it if board is out.
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