Asus EZflash2 -bios update need help.

Hi guys,
I'm going to update my bios and i have a few questions i need answered.
I have an Asus p6t motherboard and windows 7 64 bit and windows vista 64 bit (2 partitions on hdd)

I dont know whether to use Asus update in windows or asus ez flash in the bios.
I've heard that asus update isn't safe and that it often corrupted peoples bios. Also when i use it to check for new bios, it finds a slightly newer version, but not the most recent. Why is this?

I'd prefer to use the program in windows because it seems easier, but I am prepared to do it manually if needs be.

Can someone read below and tell me it this is the correct way to use the ez flash program

1) Download the bios file from the internet-0904 (i downloaded it and its just a rom file)
2) Unzip and save the rom file in a bootable usb flash drive
3) Restart the pc and set the usb drive to 1st boot device
4) In bios go to tools and select asus ez flash2
5) Then select the usb key on the column on the left (beside C: and D: and other drives etc)
6) Select the rom file and press enter.... then bite your nails waiting for the moment of truth

This is what i know so far, are these the correct procedures?
Am I missing anything?
Also please provide any tips which may make the process safer and easier.

Thanks, Greg.
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  1. Why are you updating your bios? If your board runs well, I wouldn't do it. If you want to try it anyway, save your old bios file if prompted in case the new one causes unforseen problems.
  2. I download the latest BIOS file from the Asus web site and then use Asus Update in windows to install from file.

    Updating the BIOS on my son's R2E two weeks ago from 1504 to 1639 eliminated a lot of windows issues for me and allowed be substantially better overclocks at lower voltages.
  3. thanks for the replys, i was planning on flashing bios because my pc freezes when i try to put it on sleep mode and i thought this might help. its an asus p6t and ive heard they have issues with sleep mode...
  4. anyway are the steps in the original post correct?
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