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I have a Dell 530s and am considering installing a replacement CPU and graphics card. The Mother Board is listed as a Dell ORY007, presently with a E4500 CPU and a X-1300 graphics card.

1. Will the Mother Board and other parts work with a E8400 CPU?

2. Will the 530s PS power a Ge Force 9600 GT Express 2.0 x16 Low Profile Video Card?

Or should I save up for a new machine?
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  1. sell old computer.. build a new computer
  2. Have a look at this:


    Don't have to throw away your old PC, actually plenty of uses for it!
  3. 1. Yes. But make sure you update the BIOS before installing a new CPU.
    2. Yes.

    As an additional thing to upgrade -- add some more memory if you did not do it yet. You should have at least 2GB to start feeling better, 4GB would be perfect. Memory is cheap.
  4. The 9600GT should work, Dell PSU units are actually not that bad. I'm not completely sure on the E8400, but you could do a BSEL mod on the E4500 to make it run at a faster default speed.
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